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Roman Challenge     Available on the iPhone App Store
App by 'Monkey Production @ DY Consultancy'.

In our daily life, sometimes when you see some special combinations of Letters like 'VIII', 'X', 'MMXI'. You know they are 'Roman Numeral Representations'. You may even know what they stand for as you may have known them in your early ages.
This Application provides a Short Tutorial, a Trainer, a Game Challenge and a Conversion Tool on the Roman Numeral System (RNS). You will find yourself really knowing the RNS after using.
Well...You THINK you know Roman Numerics, don't you? Let's see if you really know about it. Try this application and say it again, my friend.

-Supporting Range-
From 1 to 3,999,999.

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-Special Thanks-
Photos:Wing Chan

-Background Music-
General-Beethoven Symphony No. 9
Ultimate Challenge-Beethoven Symphony No. 5 1st