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My Cheque Mate     Available on the iPhone App Store
App by 'Monkey Production @ DY Consultancy'.

For people who write a number of Cheques or Promissory Notes, embarrassing moments of forgetting words, format or even incorrect spelling is not an option. But for the other, 'My Cheque Mate' provides you the reference Wordings in English, Trad. Chinese and Simp. Chinese for crosscheck purpose and effectively reduce such moments and even train up your number writings!
And as there are default printings of 港幣,人民幣,台幣,HK Dollars,etc on the notes, My Cheque Mate (Pro) supports multi formats on Chinese and English respectively.

All you have to do is to Key-in the Amount, 'My Cheque Mate' will show corresponding English, Trad. Chinese and Simp. Chinese numbers on the screen.

Only Support English, Trad. Chinese and Simp. Chinese numbers from 0 to 999,999,999.99.

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